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United Way of Natrona County provides resources to improve lives and build a stronger community.

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United Way Campaign  message from the Executive Director,
Mike Burnett

Burnett United Way of Natrona County is a community non-profit, working to meet the needs of the community and improve the quality of life for all.  We are led by community leaders who share the same vision of making our community a better place and touching lives of those who need us most.  We are proud to serve the residents of Midwest, Edgerton, Casper, Alcova, Mills, Evansville, Bar Nunn and Natrona County.  Our efforts are accomplished through partnerships with other community non-profits and agencies to provide programs and services that impact us all.

Our Success has only been possible because of the tremendous support we have received from businesses and individuals throughout our communities.  We conduct an annual fundraising campaign each year in the fall that provides the core of our funding for programs and services.  Generous people and businesses throughout the community contribute to the campaign in various ways, one time donations, payroll deductions, and direct billing.  A number of businesses even provide a company match of their employees pledges to help elevate our ability to fund programs and services.  .99 cents of every dollar raised stays in Natrona County.  In addition to our campaign, we receive continual support from a large number of people throughout the year in a variety of ways, be it as a volunteer for our Days of Action projects, serving on the Community Investment Committee as a United Way Partner Representative, advocating for community needs and interest, or being a Community Activities Sponsor, the support we receive is incredible!!

United Way of Natrona County funding, (400,000) is used as community match funds by several partner agencies to leverage nearly 3 million dollars in state and federal funding that is used for programs and services here in Natrona County!

United Way is proud to serve in whatever capacity is needed to have a positive impact on the human service needs within our communities.  Often, we are the backbone of collaborations working to address community needs and provide that needed hand up, not a hand out.  I invite you to join our effort and ask for support in making a difference and having an impact on our community.  You can be part by giving, volunteering, and advocating.

Together, we can be DIFFERENCE MAKERS !!

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