Who We Help

The financial transparency and health of our organization is of great importance to us.  Equally important to us is our mission to responsibly mobilize and leverage community resources to create long-term changes that produce healthy, educated and financially stable individuals and families in Natrona County.

Through the collective efforts of United Way and our partner agencies, we ensure human service needs in Natrona County are being met, from youth to aging; everyone deserves the opportunity to have a good life.

Our three areas of focus are:

  • BASIC NEEDS:  Addressing the basic needs of food, shelter, safety and emergency crisis.
  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Improving the general health and well being for families and the community.  A special emphasis for programs serving senior citizens and individuals in crisis.
  • YOUTH DEVELOPMENT:   Providing positive programs and activities geared at character building, positive community participation, as well as supporting a successful education from kindergarten through high school.

Partner Agencies